Lowest Unique Bid Auction Site

We would like to create a lowest unique bid auction website with similar functions to [url removed, login to view] and

We require programming for the site to accept bids via mobile sms and via the site through paypal payment method.

The bids and information of the bidders should be stored in a single database and allow us to easily determine the winner - i.e. lowest unique bidder.

We are aware of some sms software such as sms studio, and will be happy to use this software or similar software if it can be configured to our specifications. Custom software is also welcome.

Bidders who bid via the site or mobile telephone should also receive instant sms notifcations regarding the status of their bids - whether it is unique or not.

Obviously, we will want to display a number of different products in different categories and we would like to easily manage this ourselves.

Please refer to the above sites for a better idea of what we would like.

The site would also need to be made in English as well as another language which we will provide translation for.

PHP and Mysql are the preferred programming languages for this project.

Best Regards

기술: 데이터베이스 행정, 공학, MySQL, PHP, 프로젝트 관리, 소프트웨어 아키텍처, 소프트웨어 테스팅, SQL, 웹 호스팅, 웹사이트 관리, 웹사이트 테스팅

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