PHP Twitter Feed

We have the following PHP Twitter feed which works fine with all our feeds except the one shown below.

This job entail making the code work with the Twitter account


## Deliverables

PHP code shown here


$username = "holiday2europe";

$num = 5;

$feed = "[url removed, login to view]:" . $username . "&rpp=" . $num;

$newfile = dirname(__FILE__)."/[url removed, login to view]";

$file = dirname(__FILE__)."/[url removed, login to view]";

copy($feed, $newfile);

$oldcontent = @file_get_contents($file);

$newcontent = @file_get_contents($newfile);

if($oldcontent != $newcontent) {

copy($newfile, $file);


$tweets = @file_get_contents($file);

$tweets = json_decode($tweets);

echo "<ul>";

for($x=0;$x<$num;$x++) {

$str = ereg_replace("[[:alpha:]]+://[^<>[:space:]]+[[:alnum:]/]","<a href=\"\\0\">\\0</a>", $tweets->results[$x]->text);

$pattern = '/[#|@][^\s]*/';

preg_match_all($pattern, $str, $matches);

foreach($matches[0] as $keyword) {

$keyword = str_replace(")","",$keyword);

$link = str_replace("#","%23",$keyword);

$link = str_replace("@","",$keyword);

if(strstr($keyword,"@")) {

$search = "<a href=\"[url removed, login to view]$link\">$keyword</a>";

} else {

$link = urlencode($link);

$search = "<a href=\"[url removed, login to view]$link\" class=\"grey\">$keyword</a>";


$str = str_replace($keyword, $search, $str);


echo "<li>".$str."</li>\n";


echo "</ul>";


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