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회원 가입 - 2017년 1월 7일
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Hi, I'm Rubie! I am currently residing in Baguio City, Philippines. I am a professional musician and have had education in Mass Communication and Entrepreneurship. I have very good communication and English skills which I use to maximum effect. My objective is to have a career that would definitely put my talent and knowledge to maximum use. One of my goals would be to have an integrated source of income, giving back 100% of work efficiency and dependability. I work with honesty and integrity; focusing on quality and client satisfaction. I have worked in different countries and I have learned that patience, perseverance and dedication are traits that make a good foundation towards successl. I aim to deliver services with substance,relevance and honest commitment. I believe in growth and improvement. My personal motto is, "Keep moving forward!" I also believe the only way to go is up!
$8 USD/hr
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