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$7 USD (1시간 기준)
moschato, greece
$7 USD (1시간 기준)
현지 시간: 10:52 PM
가입일: 3월 17, 2004
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Marina L.


5.0 (304 건의 리뷰)
$7 USD (1시간 기준)
moschato, greece
$7 USD (1시간 기준)
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Programmer getting the job done!

You can't beat 30 years of experience. Just check what I can do for you. I'm a programmer. I studied in an American college, I speak, write and generally communicate in English perfectly. I have worked for many computer companies and I have my own company since 2003. I write programs, that can read the data from websites or files -eg excel, access, text etc- and produce the exact output you want. Once I write the code the only thing I have to do is press a button and wait for the data to be collected or modified. This is much faster that manually entering data and it prevents errors done from copy-paste. Since I write the code only once, I can parse any number of records without extra cost. The only thing you pay for is the code. Once the program is ready I can parse unlimited number of records. Also if you want to do the same job at the future, eg scan again a website for changes, or want additional data, I can run the code again without having to create it.
Freelancer Web Scraping Specialists Greece

고객님의 일자리와 관련하여, Marina L. 님에게 연락

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포트폴리오 항목

Websites Scraped
Association of Piraeus Nomarchy Employees.
Association of Piraeus Nomarchy Employees
Online shop for car parts and modifications
Online shop for car parts and modifications
Construction of control panel for visitors analysis. Database update with press bulletins
Official website of DHKKI, Democratic Social Movement
Company of decorations of exhibition kiosks and windows of shops
Design and hosting. Design team logo. Construction of control panel. All participants, schedule, top scorers and score updates are performed by Attractionnet.
Official website of Leon Moschatou Athletic Club


수정 사항에 대한 저장 완료
현재 1 ~ 5 번째 리뷰 표시 중(전체 50+ 건)
리뷰에 대한 필터 유형: 1.0
£150.00 GBP
Marina L. Did a Fantastic job on my sport site project, just what i wanted and i will definitely use Marina' services again. I Highly Recommend Marina for any sport site Thanks Marina
PHP Data Entry Web Scraping Software Architecture Data Mining
국기 () Julie M. @JulzGem
10개월 전
£280.00 GBP
Very good, experienced, excellent problem solver. Gets it done! Highly recommended.
PHP Python Web Scraping Software Architecture Data Mining
국기 () Antony C. @ElIndioPoderoso
1년 전
$100.00 USD
She did a good job getting this project done for me, working well.
PHP Data Entry Excel Web Scraping Software Architecture
+1 건 추가
국기 () Troy D. @tdoucet
1년 전
£530.00 GBP
all good, great service
Python Software Testing
국기 () Les B. @worxflow
1년 전
€30.00 EUR
Really good and onpoint.
PHP Data Entry Excel Web Scraping Software Architecture
+1 건 추가
국기 () Peter L. @peterlarsson655
1년 전



10월 2003 - 현재
Programmer and owner of a well established programming and web design company, providing services since 2003.



American College of Greece, Greece 1998 ~ 2003
(5 )



American College of Greece
Bachelor in Computer information systems.


Principles of joomla

Article about the very basic things about joomla and how to get started working

고객님의 일자리와 관련하여, Marina L. 님에게 연락

로그인하시면, 채팅 서비스를 이용하여 상세 내용을 협의하실 수 있습니다.


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Web Scraping Specialists in Greece
Web Scraping Specialists
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Web Scraping
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