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$30 USD (1시간 기준)
$30 USD (1시간 기준)
현지 시간: 2:33 PM
가입일: 2월 22, 2004
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John K.


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$30 USD (1시간 기준)
$30 USD (1시간 기준)
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Software Developer with Over 30 Years Experience

I have worked as a .NET architect for several large companies - industries include Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Waste Management and Education. Approach Includes: • Agile Development Methodologies • Unified Modeling Language (UML) • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OOA&D) • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Design Patterns Top Technologies Include: • .NET Framework (ASP.NET MVC, C#) • Restful Web APIs • Entity Framework • Microsoft SQL Server Solutions Include: • Configuration Management • Data Access • Exception Handling • Instrumentation • Security Currently looking for opportunities to make a little extra income. This is your opportunity to obtain skill and experience for pennies on the dollar.
Freelancer Visual Basic Developers United States

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.NET Developer

Accenture Technology Solutions
12월 2018 - 5월 2020 (1 , 5 )
Member of the Integration development team handling multiple projects simultaneously. Provided mentorship and training to junior developers. • Provided analysis for integration requirements. • Documented, designed, developed, tested and debugged framework components used by most Integration projects.

Lead Software Architectural Engineer

American Campus Communities
5월 2010 - 10월 2016 (6 , 5 )
Provided full-stack developer skills across a variety of application simultaneously. • Delivered web application for which I was initially engaged as a contractor. • Retained to enhance and refactor a variety of applications across the enterprise. • Converted to full-time to lead effort to rewrite flagship product: • Grew department from 4 developers to over 20 members. • Implemented Agile methodologies and processes.

Software Architect

SimpleBills Corporation
11월 2009 - 4월 2010 (5 , 1 )
* Redesigned and refactored existing web application and database structure to improve development and maintenance for future developers. * Promoted code-reuse through techniques such as master pages, user-interface components and general object-oriented design. * Implemented standard architectural design patterns where appropriate. Technical Skills: C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ, Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework 3.5, SQL Server 2005, OOA&D, UML, Use Cases


Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science

University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States 1991 ~ 1993
(2 )


San Jacinto College, United States 1989 ~ 1992
(3 )

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Visual Basic .NET Testing / QA SQL C# Programming

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Visual Basic Developers in United States
Visual Basic Developers
.NET Developers
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Visual Basic
Testing / QA
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