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$75 USD (1시간 기준)
colorado springs, united states
$75 USD (1시간 기준)
현지 시간: 11:39 PM
가입일: 2월 22, 2004
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Raquel S.


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$75 USD (1시간 기준)
colorado springs, united states
$75 USD (1시간 기준)
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SeriousTechie for Hire

Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado Master of Science in Information Systems Security (MS-ISS) Robert Morris University,Coaropolis, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Dual Major: MIS/Business Administration Economics Minor: International Studies Program Operating Systems MS-Pro 95, 98, 2000, XP, Server/workstation NT 4.0, 2000,XP,2003, Solaris Unix, Novell NetWare 4.11, ver 5, 6, and AIX. Programming Languages COBOL, Micro Focus Cobol, C, C++, Visual Basic, CICS, SQL, Perl, CGI, Java Script, and Java. Relational Databases Crystal Reports, MS-Access, Oracle, Paradox, DBASE, DBASE II, and DBASE IV. Applications Sniff view 5.0, Sniffer Pro, HP Open view, Exceed, Hummingbird, Tivoli Framework, Tivoli Distributed Monitoring, Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli License Manager, and Tivoli Configuration Management, GDC Spectrum 4.1,Visio Professional, ARC Serve- IT 6.61,2000, Tivoli, Net View, Strata View, Site Manager 7.01, Checkpoint Firewall-1 3.x and 4.x; Remedy, Oracle, Solaris 2.5 and 2.6, Lotus Notes v 4.5, 4.6 and R5, GroupWise 4.5, 5.5, MS- Exchange 5.5, Outlook 6, Quark Express, Clairis Works, Adobe Page Maker, Corel Graphic Suite 10, Macromedia and Flash, and Ghost ver 5.1c. Hardware IBM, Macintosh, Dell, Gateway, Compaq, Packard Bell PC’s, Server : IBM RS6000SP, AS/400 Netfinity, Sun SPARC; Printers: HP-Scanner, Lexmark, Tektonics Phaser 790, and HP LaserJet Printers. Cables: RJ48, RJ45, and Cat5 Cables. Cisco Technology: Cisco 2500 – 7500 Routers, Catalyst Switches: 1900 - 6500, Bridges, and Hubs. Ethernet Transceivers, Token-Ring Media Filters, and modems. CSU/DSU’s modems, 66M punch blocks, DLT4000 and 4700 tape changers. Protocols Cisco-specific Routing Protocols RIP, RIP2, IGRP/EIGRP, BGP,OSPF,HRSP, MULTI-CAST, FDDI, AppleTalk, NetBios, HDLC, and VoIP. Communication Protocols FDDI, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX,FTP, and TFTP. Networking Protocols: Ethernet/ATM and Frame Relay/ISDN, T1, T3, DHCP, SMTP, SNMP, RAS, WINS, PPP, NIS, SMS, NFS, and DNS. Certifications Completed Official Certifications Training: CCNA ,CCNP, A+, Lotus Notes CLP, and MCSE. Chambers Consulting Company January 1994 – January 2004 Independent Contractor Consultant The SGS Venture Group, Ltd. New York, NY (Network Administrator Manager, On-Call) February 2002 - Present Kirk Swanson, New York State Representative New York , NY (Temp Assignment Campaign Worker) September 2002 - September 2002 Marsh & Mc Lennan Companies, Inc. New York, NY (Temp Assignment Helpdesk Technician) February 2002 - March 2002 Westminster Presbyterian Church Jamaica, NY (Summer Staff Director) June 2001 - September 2001 The News Market, Inc. New York, NY (Computer Operations Manager) October 2000 - October 2000 Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council Pittsburgh, PA (Volunteered in MAC LAB) August 1998 - November 1998 Point Park College Pittsburgh, PA (Assistant Professor) May 1998 - August 1998 PPG Industries Pittsburgh, PA (Network Administrator) March 1998 - April 1998 Wilkinsburg Community Ministry Wilkinsburg, PA (Instructor for A. S. P.) January 1997 - April 1998 Career Blazer Learning Center Monroeville, PA (Primary Instructor) April 1997 - July 1997 South Western Penn Aids Planning Coalition Pittsburgh, PA (Database Manager/ Research Asst.) January 1996 - April 1996 WPIC HILL Satellite Center Pittsburgh, PA (Database Manager/ Research Asst.) March 1994 - April 1994
Freelancer Flash Professionals United States

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Senior LAN/WAN Consultant (Independent Contractor)

Chambers Technology Development Company
1월 1994 - 현재
Solutions-oriented Director of IT with Security System experience with significant success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information-security solutions in direct support of business objectives. Track record of increasing responsibility in secure network design, systems analysis and development, and full lifecycle project management.



Colorado Technical University, United States 2011 ~ 2012
(1 )


Robert Morris University, United States 1993 ~ 1997
(4 )

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