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사용자 아바타
$8 USD (1시간 기준)
lida, belarus
$8 USD (1시간 기준)
현지 시간: 10:41 PM
가입일: 2월 10, 2004
0 건의 추천

Yury H.


4.7 (10 건의 리뷰)
$8 USD (1시간 기준)
lida, belarus
$8 USD (1시간 기준)
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Web artificer

Haven't work as freelancer for sometime, but now I'm back in business. I have very good experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of web applications. I concentrate on famous open source technology PHP with MySQL. Whether you want me to build a website from scratch or need maintenance support or need complex database work including database import/export or transfer etc. For now I’m a full time freelance web developer and work from a private office from MON to FRI. Very flexible and prompt to reply. Got minimal overheads and I don’t have any staff to pay, this makes my service affordable and accessible. I am very strict in meeting deadlines which is a critical aspect for any business. All my code is upto the current standards, secure and safe from SQL injections or similar hacking attempts. I believe in timely communication and offer ongoing professional support.
Freelancer PHP Developers Belarus

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리뷰에 대한 필터 유형: 5.0
$50.00 USD
I really appreciate his dedication towards his work. I will work with him in future.
PHP XML Adobe Flash Odd Jobs
사용자 아바타
국기 () aftabD @aftabD
11년 전
$30.00 USD
this is one good programmer !! this one did evrything on the best side possible !!! thanks alot !scriptlance is lucky to have you !
PHP Website Design Graphic Design CSS MySQL
+1 건 추가
국기 () Fakeron J. @cashwin
11년 전
$10.00 USD
opposit its a very good programmer, always available for any request..the best!
PHP MySQL Odd Jobs
국기 () Masterworks @mastermind5487
11년 전
$20.00 USD
If I could rate this guy more than 10 scores, I would have certainly done that. This guy is really professional, exact and ontime. he finished the job exactly like what I needed in my deadline. Thank you Yury,Surely we'll work on other projects.
PHP Adobe Flash Odd Jobs
사용자 아바타
국기 () Mohammadhadi T. @myflashlab
11년 전
$12.00 USD
Awesome Coder!
PHP Project Management Engineering Software Architecture Software Testing
+4 건 추가
사용자 아바타
국기 () Peter B. @skorpionim
13년 전


Bachelor in Computer Science

Brescki Dzjaržauny Tehnièny Universitet, Belarus 1997 ~ 2002
(5 )

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numeracy_1.png Basic Numeracy 1 81% php_1.png PHP 1 80% us_eng_1.png US English 1 75% vworker.png Foundation vWorker Member

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PHP 7 Adobe Flash 4 MySQL 4 Website Testing 2 Website Management 2

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