LOGO - Fast food meets pet food (modern, clean, simple, healthy, fun) + ongoing work.

  • 상태: Open
  • 상: $550
  • 접수된 참가 항목: 842

콘테스트 개요

SIMPLICITY IS KEY! I want it to look like a paw and a burger. Symmetrical, clean, corporate, fun, memorable, iconic. No cursive, no complicated hand drawn fonts, not too busy! (not too many colors)

Fast Pet Food LLC offers USDA Certified Organic dog treats with a fun and unique “fast food” theme. We prefer a symmetrical logo, and something that can appeal to both dogs and cats, but definitely dogs.

Our human grade/certified organic Doggy Meal Deal® includes a bottle of KetchPup®, a bag of Fetch Fries®, a box of Burger Bone® treats and a surprise dog toy!

Current logo at ww.fastpetfood.com. We like the logo but we can do better. Open to all types of ideas; fast food related like a drive thru or dogs driving, etc. Have fun and be original :)

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