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$10 USD (1시간 기준)
$10 USD (1시간 기준)
현지 시간: 11:46 PM
가입일: 3월 23, 2004
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$10 USD (1시간 기준)
$10 USD (1시간 기준)
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SMART VISION PRESENTATION: 1. General overview Smart Vision is a company located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, having as the main activity field the web development. Our activity includes up to now projects having the following features: - data management solutions - web developing and web maintenance - multimedia and graphic design Our activity is held mainly on the Romanian market and for the last year on Austrian and American markets. Our customers are Romanian small and medium companies and small Austrian and American companies. 2. Work potential We can take up at this moment web development projects involving: Skills: - programming: ASP, Vbscript, VB, JavaScript, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C, C++, C#, [login to view URL], XML, [login to view URL] - data bases: MS SQL, MS Access, mySQL, XML - design: Photoshop, Image Ready, Flash, Corel Draw Time availability: - by hours: 20h/day availability - for the project: unlimited Support and maintenance: - technical support: we ensure technical support for all our customers - hosting: we provide temporary or permanent hosting services for our partners - maintenance, update, SEO: most of our clients had chosen maintenance, updates and SEO services too, and still being our permanent customers. 3. Comparisons As compared to the Western market, our prices are 40% lower than it, for the same quality level. So, the projects we have developed for the Austrian and the American companies were, generally, auctioned, by competing against local web development companies. Our projects are also comparable from the ergonomics and execution point of view with the projects developed by larger western webdevelopment companies. 4. Advantages Our prices are way below the market levels and the execution time is very brief. The projects we have developed so far cover a wide range of requirements and our customers come from different areas with specific needs: constructions, indoor design, satellite Internet providing, webhosting, e-commerce. The work experience we achieved in 3 years helps us evaluate the costs and the implications of the project from several perspectives. Our customers were completely satisfied by our services, and they can also provide references by request. 5. Portfolio Web design: - [login to view URL] – corporate site business-to-business & business-to-clients, for an European Satellite Internet Services Provider - [login to view URL] – presentation corporate site with data base for the biggest abrasive products manufacturer in Europe - SC CARBOCHIM SA - [login to view URL] – virtual bookstore with an e-commerce system and management interface for: products, users, orders, statistics, newsletter, proforma invoices, notifies, online payments, discutions forum. - [login to view URL] - e-commerce site and products management interface - [login to view URL] - corporate presentation site - [login to view URL]- corporate presentation site - [login to view URL] - corporate presentation site with data base, virtual room to simulate the combinations of tiles/sand stone, for the biggest manufacturer of Fine Ceramics in Romania – SC SANEX SA - [login to view URL] - corporate site now developing – for the biggest Producer of Tools – Gears and Military manufacturer in Romania – UM CUGIR - [login to view URL] – presentation site for a massage saloon in Austria. Data Management Solutions: - online management system for the Satellite Internet accounts for an International Provider from Europe. - online management system for the accounts of an wireless network. - complete solution for online commerce - real-time reports and analysis upon traffic on a web site - discussions forum - e-mailing list Multimedia and graphic design: - logo & ID: BizarNet, Astrohelios, Andrea Massage, Banqet, Bursa de servicii, Computer Expert, AC Napoca, Internetcon, LA Model Dreams, Stage Machine, New Manager, Smart Vision, - banners: BizarNet, CARBOCHIM, SANEX - multimedia CD: KOBER ROMANIA We can supply more details about the projects we have developed and also references from our customers, by request. With consideration, The Smart Vision Team.
Freelancer Perl Developers Romania

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